Easton Arrows - FMJ T64 Tapered Arrows

FMJ Taper 64

T64 Full Metal Jacket—the tapered hunting arrows that combine maximum killing power with the highest level of FOC accuracy.

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Easton Target Arrows - FMJ Match Grade

FMJ Match

The FMJ Match is the high-performance, high-strength Full Metal Jacket carbon shaft for tournament compound and recurve archers.

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6.5 Matrix

Easton’s new Ultra Light Acu-Carbon 6.5 Matrix arrows are all-around performers for compound target and 3D shooting.

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Easton Target Arrows - ProComp


Proven at high level tournament circuits this past summer by World Champions, Steve Anderson and Braden Gellenthien, taking five World Archery podiums.

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Easton Target Arrows - x10


The perfect 10 hands down. Small diameter barreled profile resists wind drift better than any other type of arrow.

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Easton Target Arrows - x10 Protour


Since its introduction, the compound-specific X10 Protour has won more titles and set more records for compound archers than all other choices.

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Easton Hunting Arrows - Legacy


Traditional since 1922. Doug Easton started it all; making longbows, leather quivers, and cedar shafting in his small California shop. The XX75 Legacy is designed with Easton’s early days in mind… Hats off to you, Doug.

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Easton Target Arrows - ACE


A/C/E is the arrow which started a revolution that continues to this day. Light, strong and proven across the globe.

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Precision and performance for higher scores. Suitable for all forms of outdoor and indoor archery, A/C/G is the “do it all” shaft.

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Easton Target Arrows - Apollo


Apollo is the all-carbon starter arrow with the tolerances and spine sizes needed to ensure a correct tune for beginning and intermediate archers.

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Easton Target Arrows - Inspire


Inspiré is a carbon shaft produced to the tightest tolerances with a wide range of spines for the beginning archer of any age.

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Easton Target Arrows - Superdrive 23

Superdrive 23

SuperDrive 23 is the World Archery Maximum Compliant Diameter carbon performance carbon arrows for shooters looking for success with indoor and 3D competition.

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Easton Target Arrows - Superdrive 27

Superdrive 27

SuperDrive 27 features largest-class diameter carbon arrow for line-catching performance in NFAA Indoor and 3D competition. Tough, reliable, Easton engineered multilayer construction for world-class shooters needing durable carbon accuracy.

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Easton Target Arrows - Eclipse


X7 Eclipse is the World Standard for precision and a perfect tune. Precise spine, consistent weight and incredible straightness.

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Easton Target Arrows - Vector


Ready to Shoot, feather-fletched, pointed, and nocked high-strength All- Carbon Shaft for low-weight, compound and recurve bows, from 10 to 29 lbs up to 27” draw.

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Easton Target Arrows - Jazz


Jazz features all the accuracy benefits of XX75 alloy and comes in sizes all the way down to 1214 to outfit any beginning archer.

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Easton Target Arrows - Tribute


Durable, accurate and economical, Tribute is the stepping stone to high performance for any beginning or shorter draw lighter poundage archer.

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