Superdrive™ 23

Easton Archery-Superdrive 23
Size Shaft Weight
Spine @ 28″ Span
Deflection in inches
Shaft O.D.
Stock Length
Super Uni Bushing
G Uni Bushing
One-Piece Point
3257.40.325.36133.251918100 & 125
3756.90.375.35932.001918100 & 125
4756.40.475.35631.501918100 & 125

SuperDrive 23 is the World Archery Maximum Compliant Diameter carbon arrow for compound shooters looking for success with indoor and 3D competition.  A proven winner on the world indoor stage, Superdrive 23 is built to be the toughest, most accurate 23 diameter all-carbon shaft ever made by Easton.  Available in three precision spine sizes to match competitive compound setups.  Now available is the new Superdrive 23 adjustable point system for fine-tuning and optimizing balance and speed.




  • High-strength high-modulus, reinforced carbon fiber
  • Polished black carbon finish
  • Straightness: ± .002”
  • Weight tolerance: ± 1 grain per dozen pack
  • Outside diameter: 23/64″ (9.3mm)
  • World Archery compliant maximum 9.3 mm (23XX) diameter
  • Inserts, points, and nocks—sold separately
  • Super or G UNI Bushings—included
  • NEW weight adjustable point system available—sold separately
  • Pin nock system adapter—sold separately