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We develop and manufacture tubes using multiple materials and processes. We use pultrusion (unidirectional and circumferentially wound) for glass fiber, carbon fiber, or combination designs. All our pultruded parts employ high-strength engineered epoxy resins for maximum strength, durability and abrasion resistance. Additionally, we offer mandrel wrapped tubes made from carbon fiber/epoxy prepregs. We have a vertically integrated aluminum facility, and offer hard alloy tubes in annealed or fully hardened tempers. Our in-house heat treat and anodize capability give us full control of quality and ensure on time delivery. We offer precision CNC machining through our fully qualified network of local teammates. We can decorate or mark your tube with a broad selection of secondary cosmetic options.


Easton also offers hybrid tubes, with an aluminum core or jacket mated to a composite. These offer unique benefits for customization of properties, cosmetic treatments, and straightness.