5mm Axis™ Carbon Arrows

Size Shaft Weight
Spine @ 28″ Span
(deflection in inches)
Stock Length
Field Point
(O.D. Inches)
Match Grade HIT CollarBroadhead Adapter Ring
Size (5 grains)
5mm Half Out
6007.20.60030.517/64#1BAR 30.253#1
3117/64#1BAR 30.258#1
4009.00.40031.517/64#2BAR 40.264#2
3409.50.340329/32#3BAR 50.267#2
300*10.70.30032.5*9/32#4BAR 60.275#2
260*11.50.26034*9/32#5BAR 60.280#2
200*120.20034*9/32#6BAR 60.280#2

The hands-down proven small diameter all carbon arrows. Faster, Deeper, Deadlier.

Millions of successful hunts testify to the awesome effectiveness of a simple concept that equates to more downed big game.  The AXIS micro profile focuses the kinetic energy into an ultra-small frontal area for less friction and thus greater penetration. AXIS penetrates deeper as the shaft passes through animals with less friction behind the broadhead channel.  The small diameter also means that AXIS arrows fly much better in crosswinds than regular carbon arrows.  That means broadheads will find the aim-point more often in the field. AXIS is widely distributed across the nation and is found in virtually every pro shop.

Easton is proud to announce that 5mm AXIS arrows now come with factory helical fletching.  With the new factory helical fletching, AXIS 5mm now offers more broadhead accuracy right out of the box.  Factory helical fletching sets the vanes at a slight angle to the shaft, creating a helix shape that offers benefits of increased stability, improved arrow flight, and greater effective range, resulting in improved broadhead accuracy & easier tuning.
Micro diameter focuses energy into a small frontal area for less friction and greater penetration.  Smaller side profile helps keep the arrow on target in crosswinds.
Offers 24% more Kinetic Energy Density than standard diameter carbon arrows for more big game stopping penetration
Seven sizes from 700 through 200
Straightness ±.003-weight and spine matched for top level accuracy.

Made in Easton’s USA factory.

Available Sizes: 200, 260, 300, 340, 400, 500, 600, 700


• 5mm HIT 8-32 insert (16 grains) or 5mm Aluminum Half-out included
• Pre-installed 5mm X Nocks
• Straightness: ± .003”
• 5mm small diameter uniform ACU-CARBON
• High-strength carbon-composite fibers

SOLD SEPARATELY: 5mm Brass HIT® 8-32 Break-Off Insert (50-75 grains), 5mm Steel 8-32 Half-Out (75 grains) & 5mm Match Grade HIT Collar (13-21 grains)

*6 pack boxes come in 32″ stock length only.

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