4MM Axis™ Long Range

Size Shaft Weight
Spine @ 28″ Span
(deflection in inches)
Stock Length
Deep 6 Field Point
100 Grains (optional)
8-32 Field Point
4MM Halfout
4mm Nock Collar

Get more distance with 4MM ultra micro diameter AXIS Long Range. Made in Easton’s Utah factory, the AXIS Long Range is engineered with specialized carbon-fiber to increase arrow velocity. 4mm nocks and front-of-center boosting 8-32 halfouts are included to tighten arrow grouping n the target. 4MM AXIS Long Range is available in four sizes, 250, 300, 340, and 400 in both standard straightness and in the ultra-precise ±.001 Match Grade. AXIS Long Range promises more speed to the target, driving broadheads deeper upon impact. Includes precisely machined aluminum halfouts to boost strength and front-of-center accuracy at long range.

4mm Axis


4mm Axis Match Grade
  • Ultra micro diameter, all-carbon construction
  • Lighter weight for increased velocity
  • Micro profile reduces friction in flight for added speed at impact and deeper penetration
  • Higher FOC for accuracy at long range
  • Four popular hunting spine sizes 250, 300, 340, and 400
  • Includes 4mm 8-32 Aluminum Half-outs (50 grains) and pre-installed 4MM Microlite nocks (6 grains)
  • Comes in dozen bare shafts, and ½ dozen fletched configurations (compatible with standard thread 8-32 broadheads and field points)
  • Made in USA
  • Straightness: +/- .003″ (Match Grade: +/- .001″ with 55-grain inserts)

SOLD SEPARATELY: 4mm Steel Half-out (95 grains), 4mm Titanium Half-out (55 grains), 4mm Deep Six Steel HIT Insert (20 grains) & 4mm Match Grade Half-outs (4 weight/material options).

*6 pack boxes come in 32″ stock length only.

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