Easton - Beyond Straightness // 6.5MM HUNTING ARROWS

The Easton 6.5MM™ arrows are USA-made carbon shafts that offer the highest level of accuracy available to bowhunters today all at price points to fit virtually any budget. The ...6.5 series comes in multiple variations: Bowhunter (.006" Straightness), Hunter Classic (.003" Straightness) & Match Grade (.001" Straightness)

The 6.5 series uses Easton's proprietary Acu-Carbon™ process; a continuous-fed, single-die manufacturing method that results in the most reliable tolerances and eliminates the need for the spine-alignment and weight sorting. Easton’s Acu-Carbon™ production line produces the most consistent spine and weight from dozen to dozen and lot to lot—year in and year out.

The Easton 6.5 includes NEW 6.5MM inserts that are made using a 4X-larger shoulder to add strength and boost valuable FOC. The 6.5 also includes Microlite Nocks, which are designed to move the throat of the nock closer to the back of the arrow shaft. Microlite nocks are 38% lighter to increase arrow velocity and add front-of-center weight forwarding to improve arrow flight.

LEARN MORE: https://eastonarchery.com/6-5/
FULL HUNTING ARROW LINEUP: https://eastonarchery.com/huntingarrows/
FULL SERIES: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4if0ZVSigm0&list=PLvI-id2f03ubcjLSB7nMSfO3uaKQg_ind
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