Easton 4mm Full Metal Jacket Bowhunting Arrows - More Kinetic Energy & Accuracy

The 4MM FMJ offers the most penetration and is precision-made in USA for the most accurate hunting arrow on the market. The 4MM Full Metal Jacket has been updated with ...
a new spine configuration, an all-new 8-32 point outsert system, and a redesigned graphics. The standard 8-32 thread point outsert optimizes front-of-center for easier broadhead tuning and more durability. FMJ starts with an advanced carbon core foundation for lightweight strength. A full metal jacket adds kinetic energy, enhances accuracy, and pulls easier from targets. The combination provides the deepest penetration and more pass-through impacts for quicker kills and heavier blood trails.

4mm Micro- Diameter carbon core with 7075 alloy jacket
Pre-installed 4mm Nocks
4mm Aluminum Point Outsert (50 grains) Included
Easy target Pull
Straightness +/- .003” (Also available in .001” Match Grade version)
Made in the USA
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