Easton Archery // Difference Between Weight Codes

In Episode 9 of the new Easton Technical Bulletin educational video series; Geoff Taylor and George Tekmitchov discuss why Easton has weight codes for our premier A/C arrows (such as: ...X10, X10 Parallel Pro & A/C/E), and explain why different weight codes can end up being nearly identical after the arrow is fully assembled.

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WEIGHT CODES - MORE INFO: https://eastonarchery.com/2017/01/easton-weight-codes-sorting-out-the-mystery/
EASTON - TARGET ARROWS: https://eastonarchery.com/targetarrows/
FULL SERIES: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvI-id2f03ubJqsen1T-dDPx7EIOUjsa9
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