America Month - Large

Celebrate USA Craftsmanship with July '24 "America Month"


Easton is proud to announce the launch of the July ’24 “America Month” celebration. Throughout this month, Easton will honor its rich heritage as a proudly made-in-USA brand, highlighting an unwavering commitment to producing the finest quality, American-made products since 1922.

With increased globalization and lower labor costs driving companies to outsource products, many archers might assume their equipment is made overseas. However, Easton arrows are a notable exception, with products coming off the production line daily in Salt Lake City, Utah—the only dedicated arrow factory in the United States.

The “America Month” celebration will be showcased across various media channels, including email, digital platforms, pro staff networks, and social media. For more information about the “America Month” commemoration, visit or follow Easton on social media.

About Easton: Since 1922, Easton has been dedicated to producing high-quality, American-made products. Easton has solidified its reputation as a USA brand with a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of craftsmanship.

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