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Dan Staton Procomp Review

Easton – Procomp™ // Elk Shape Review

In this video; Dan Staton of Elk Shape reviewed the 4mm Easton Procomp™ arrows, on a custom build that he did.

“I wanted to build the world’s most perfect elk hunting arrow,” Staton said.  “These [Procomps] are like the world’s straightest arrows…where target archery collides with hunting.”

Staton told viewers that he typically hasn’t been a huge fan of 4mm arrows, but touched on what seperates the Easton Procomp: “All Procomps come with high-modulus carbon and a super strong alloy core construction, which allows for these arrows to be very straight, similar tolerances, and consistency…so you’re going to get continuity through all of your arrows.  Easton is a pretty dang reliable company.”

Staton concluded by saying: “Procomp is probably one of the best arrows out there.  I’m very happy with this arrow build…it’s going to be a candidate to end up in my quiver for elk season in 2023.”

Check out the link below to watch the full video of Elk Shape’s Dan Staton’s review of the 4mm Easton Procomp™ arrows.