Easton Archery High-Performance FULL METAL JACKET Shafts for Competition

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Easton Archery - FMJ Match Arrows

Easton introduces the new FMJ Match™ 4MM arrow shaft for tournament archers.

The new FMJ Match™ micro-diameter 4MM is designed specifically toward the high-performance world of competitive compound and recurve archery. The shaft is made using a high-strength carbon fiber core that is then wrapped in a high-precision aluminum jacket. This aluminum/carbon hybrid is engineered for increased overall consistency and added durability in high-density targets. Factory straightness within ±.002″, coupled with superior spine consistency, provides increased accuracy and kinetic energy at long range.

Other features:
Reduced 4MM (G) micro diameter for optimal outdoor performance
Compatible with existing Easton Carbon One components
Factory straight, weight & spine matched
Straightness ±.002

For more information on 4MM Full Metal Jacket Match arrows visit www.eastonarchery.com

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