4MM Match Grade Halfouts

Impeccably engineered, Match Grade Half-outs elevate precision and enhance impact durability like never before. The two-piece design incorporates a sleeved impact collar that substantially covers the front of the arrow to increase impact protection versus regular components.

5MM Match Grade Collars

Easton Match Grade HIT Collars. Designed from the feedback of Easton’s top shooters and pro shops, Easton’s new Match Grade HIT Collar are designed to increase the impact strength of an arrow using the HIT system. Built out of hardened stainless steel. Come in 6 sizes to accommodate all 5mm Easton Arrows. Included with Easton Match Grade 5mm Arrows. Can be purchased separately for many 5mm arrows on the market.

X10 Parallel Pro

Introducing the new X10 4mm Parallel Pro. Parallel Pro joins the X10 lineup as an easy-tuning lightweight 4mm shaft offering legendary X10 precision and quality, making it the perfect choice for all forms of archery including recurve, compound, target, field, and barebow. X10 Parallel Pro starts with an aerospace alloy core meeting multi-use competition field compliance standards, worldwide. Weight-coded and weight matched X10 Parallel Pros seamlessly pair with Easton’s top-tier 4mm points, nocks, pins, collar systems — and are offered in 15 precise spine values from 250 all the way down to 1150…..Read More

Upgraded V-Bar & Side Rod Adapters

  • Ultralight design
  • 50% lighter than previous models
  • Integrated quick disconnects


6MM Venture

Easton’s New 6MM Venture uses a 100% carbon-fiber construction and is engineered to the same high-performance standards used in other hunting arrows.  Perfect for low-poundage or short-draw bowhunters, Venture is packed with features including a reduced diameter 6mm shaft for improved performance in the wind and a HI-VIZ factory crested nock end for visibility. 

Venture is available in a 600 Spine, factory-fletched, with 2” High Profile, shield cut hunting vanes making it the perfect arrow for beginners of all ages.

Easton Venture Arrow