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While laid-up with a leg injury sustained during a hunting accident, 15-year-old Doug read a book about archery by Dr. Saxton T. Pope.  He began hand-crafting his own bows and arrows using cedar and pine.  By the time he was 17, his craftsmanship was renown, and his arrows were regarded as the most accurate available at the time.  After receiving a complement on his equipment while shooting his arrows at Golden Gate Park,  Doug quickly credited Dr. Saxton T. Pope as his inspiration.  The man who complimented him then introduced himself as the one and only, Dr. Saxton T. Pope.  It was fate’s flawless aim.

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These special episodes of the Easton Target Archery Podcast – the first of a series- introduces us to the 100-year history of Easton, with George Tekmitchov. It’s a story of the remarkable legacy of innovation from one of the most influential archery companies in the world, and the people who built it starting a century ago. Learn how the modern archery items we use everyday got their start, and secrets never before revealed on the early days of Easton Archery.

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