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Bully vanes vs Blazer vanes

Bully Vanes vs Blazer Vanes – KOTA Review

Great review on the Easton Bully Vanes from Knights of the Apex. Recently Easton sent me some of their new Bully Parabolic vanes to try along with their new 6.5 Bowhunter arrows. I’ve also been running the Bully Boattails on my Axis Match Grade arrows the past few months and since I started messing around with these vanes I’ve been consistently asked how they compare to Blazer vanes. The profile of the Bully parabolic and Blazer vanes are nearly identical with the Bully’s being slightly shorter despite many sites reporting them both as being 1.56 inches tall. Performance wise I can’t tell a difference in my groups between the two but I do like the material of the Bully’s a bit more. The Bully’s also seem to be more consistent and durable than the blazers. I’ve fletched hundreds of Blazer vanes and you always get a few in a pack that are bent to crap or out of spec. I haven’t found that with the Bully’s yet….READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT KNIGHTSOFTHEAPEX.COM