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Axis 4mm Arrow Shafts

Best Hunting Arrows of 2021- Easton Archery

Best Hunting Arrows of 2021

With micro-diameter arrows taking the hunting world by storm, it’s no surprise that the inventor of  the original micro-diameter shafts is making the best hunting arrows in 2021. Easton is packing their arrows with technology to create lighter weight arrows that rival the penetrative power of heavier arrows. All while keeping the accuracy and wind resistance of small-diameter shafts. Here are the best hunting arrows money can buy!

Hunter Adjusts in 4mm FMJ Arrows

1. Easton 4MM FMJ

Bowhunting’s Flagship Arrow. The 4MM FMJ‘s dual-material design offers the most penetration and precision for 2021. The 4MM Full Metal Jacket has been updated with a new spine configuration, an all-new 8-32 point outsert system, and redesigned graphics.  The standard 8-32 thread point outsert optimizes front-of-center for easier broadhead tuning and more durability.  FMJ starts with an advanced carbon core foundation for lightweight strength.  An aluminum full metal jacket adds kinetic energy, enhances accuracy, and pulls easier from targets. The combination provides the deepest penetration and more pass-through impacts for quicker kills and heavier blood trails.

Axis Arrows in use in the field

2. Easton 4MM AXIS Long Range

Easton’s AXIS line is the original small diameter arrow, so it is no surprise that the newest member of the line is the one of the best hunting arrows for 2021. Made from 100% carbon fiber, the 4MM AXIS offers an optimized design for increased velocity. Reduced friction in-flight and on impact offer better penetration — ideal for longer distances. The 4MM comes with new aluminum point outserts. As a result, you get a stronger point system with better FOC accuracy.  It comes in four popular spine sizes: 250, 300, 340, 400, for a wide range of draw weights and lengths. Additionally, shafts come with pre-installed  nocks. Arrows come standard at ±.003 straightness, and Match Grade at ± .001-inch.

Easton 5mm FMJ being drawn with bow

3. Easton 5MM FMJ

The 5MM FMJ is the core of the FMJ line-up. It has been time-tested and field proven by millions of bowhunters. While still a micro-diameter, this arrow is the mid-diameter for the FMJ line. As a result, the 5MM is a slightly heavier arrow, giving it more penetrative power. The carbon core is a durable light weight base. The aluminum full metal jacket adds a lower friction surface for enhanced kinetic energy, accuracy, and easier pulls. Included are pre-installed X nocks and X HIT 8-32 inserts. Sizes include 250, 300, 340, 400, 500. Standard straightness ± .002, and Match Grade ±.001.

Row of 5mm Axis arrows

4. Easton 5MM AXIS

The 5MM AXIS arrow is the perfect blend of speed and penetration making it one of the best hunting arrows.  The micro-profile focuses kinetic energy into a small frontal area for less friction. As a result, you’ll have greater penetration and more successful hunts. The small diameter will fly more accurately through crosswind, making it ideal for hunting in variable conditions. The AXIS line uses Easton’s unique ACU- Carbon™ manufacturing process, which results in maximum consistency between arrows. The shafts include pre-installed 5mm insert and X nocks. Sizes come in a full range: 250, 300, 340, 400, 500, 600, 700 for use with slower bows. Standard straightness ± .003 and Match Grade ± .001

Easton 6.5 racked up and ready to go

5. Easton 6.5 Match Grade

The Easton 6.5‘s consistency makes it among the best hunting arrows for 2021, because it’s manufactured with Easton’s Acu-Carbon™ process. ACU-Carbon™ is a continuously fed, single-die manufacturing method. As a result, Easton 6.5 shafts  don’t need to be sealed, making them the most consistent and balanced shafts from dozen to dozen. This further benefits the bowhunter with better accuracy in the field.  The Easton 6.5 also includes Microlite nocks and  new 6.5mm inserts. The 6.5mm inserts are larger to boost FOC. Simultaneously, the Microlite nocks save on weight, which in turn increase velocity. The Carbon 6.5 comes in three models: the Bowhunter (± .006), the Hunter Classic (± .003), and the Match Grade (±.001).