4MM Match Grade Half Outs


Easton 4mm Match Grade Halfouts

Sold in 6-Packs

Impeccably engineered, Match Grade Half-outs elevate precision and enhance impact durability like never before.

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Easton 4mm Match Grade Half-outs are the pinnacle of precision arrow components. Crafted in collaboration with insights from top archers and trusted pro shops, groundbreaking Match Grade Half-outs redefine accuracy and toughness of 4mm micro-diameter arrows.

Impeccably engineered, Match Grade Half-outs elevate precision and enhance impact durability like never before. The two-piece design incorporates a sleeved impact collar that is permanently fused to the post and substantially covers the front of the arrow to increase impact protection versus regular components. A two-piece design allows for multiple materials to be used together to increase strength-to-weight ratios and these combinations are utilized to provide a full range of weight options, (55 grain aluminum, 75 grain half steel, 100 grain titanium/steel, and 150 grain full steel).

55, 75, and titanium 100-grain half-outs are offered in five sizes to ensure a perfect fit for the entire spectrum of 4mm Easton arrows. For those shooting 250 and 300 spine arrows, the 150-grain full-steel variant offers the utmost for those seeking the highest level of front-of-center balance. The 150 is offered in size 3, 4, and 5. A size 3 Halfout will fit 340 spine arrows in the 4mm FMJ line and 4mm Avance.  

The advanced design features a self-centering orange silicone fit ring that optimizes point alignment and ensures a zero-tolerance component fit.

Easton Match Grade 4mm arrows come with the 55-grain half-out included, 75 to 150-grain components are available separately for archers seeking to customize and fine-tune arrow set-ups.

• Dark nickel Match Grade coating (75gr, 100gr & 150 models) 
• Laser marked sizing
• Easy installation
• Creates a strong interface between the arrow shaft and the broadhead
• Adds accuracy-building front-of-center weight balance
• Self centering orange silicone fitment ring provides ultra-precise broadhead-to-shaft alignment.
• Available weights: 55 Grain, 75 Grain, 100 Grain & 150 Grain
• Sold as 6-packs

Note: comes with chamfer stone for best fitment. 


ArrowArrow ODHO IDHalf Out Number
Easton 4mm FMJ 2500.2470.2545
Easton 4mm FMJ 3000.2440.2484
Easton 4mm FMJ 3400.240.2453
Easton 4mm FMJ 4000.2340.2392
Easton 4mm Axis Long Range 2500.2440.2484
Easton 4mm Axis Long Range 3000.2410.2453
Easton 4mm Axis Long Range 3400.2340.2392
Easton 4mm Axis Long Range 4000.2290.2331
Easton Procomp 2500.2450.2484
Easton Pro Comp 3000.2360.2392
Easton Pro Comp 3400.2310.2331
Easton Procomp 3800.2270.2331
Easton Avance 4000.2340.2392
Easton Avance 3400.240.2453
Easton Avance 5000.230.2331

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55 Grain, 75 Grain, 100 Grain, 150 Grain


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