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Easton’s Salt Lake Anodize Plant

Easton’s SLC anodize facility celebrates 39 years of excellence

As we continue to look at the 100-year history of Made in USA Easton archery products, here’s a look at our custom, semi-automated anodize line in Salt Lake City, Utah, with a photo from circa 1983.
Custom built in 1982, it is still one of the largest semi-automated precision anodize facilities in North America.
Anodizing arrows is a very complex, highly controlled process- unlike ordinary anodize processes, ours has to preserve the 50-millionths ID specification and perfect spine and weight specs of every single one of our arrow shafts- and there are no “do overs”- it has to be right the first time, every time.
The anodize process creates a precise, thin, durable layer of aluminum oxide- a super-hard material that protects the aluminum from wear and the environment- and adds a permanent color.  Easton holds aerospace tolerances to the anodize layer for extreme precision.   A combination of electrical current and precisely controlled chemical processes creates the precision anodize finish.
Hundreds of millions of aluminum arrows, military and mountaineering tent tubes, mountaineering carabiners, precision bow parts, and many other items requiring this extraordinary level of precision anodize have passed through this Salt Lake City facility since 1982.
Easton’s first anodize facility, in Van Nuys, California, began operating in the 1960’s and produced millions of arrows, baseball bats, hockey sticks and other Easton aluminum sporting items for three decades.