Archers using less overall stabilizer system mass weight or who want more shot-to-shot feedback with less felt vibration are better served by stabilizers with a stiffness to weight ratio that is tuned to their setup.  Extreme stiffness stabilizers designed for higher mass weight stacks and higher-energy bows can sometimes mask feedback or may feel harsh on release with lighter draw weight, lower mass bows.

Easton’s medium-stiffness Z-Comp is the ideal solution for competitive compound and recurve archers who want less harsh resonance and a sweeter feel on the shot without the need for external, add-on dampers.

The Z-Comp stabilizer system provides archers at every level an efficient, low-mass stabilizer solution with superior vibration management and smaller diameter for improved handling in windy conditions.

Z-Comp utilizes high-modulus carbon fiber construction for superior stiffness-to-weight, overall lower system mass, and a custom flex pattern which promotes a steadier shot with less harsh vibration feedback after the shot.

Ideal for shooters looking for standard weight compatibility, Z-Comp is built with aircraft grade aluminum weight attachment and base ferrules with high-strength stainless steel ATA standard fasteners.

Z-Comp comes in 27”/ 69cm and 30”/ 76cm lengths for main rods, and 10” / 25cm 12” / 30cm side rods, and is compatible with all Easton stabilizer accessories including V-bars, side rod adapters, and weight systems.

A precision machined stainless steel 1/4-20 to 5/16-24 weight adapter is included with each Z-Comp main and side rod for total weight compatibility.


Balanced feel with lower mass and smaller diameter

Ultra-stiff design for steady aiming

Fast-damping high frequency response

AVRS damping for active -shock management

100% High Modulus Carbon at a smaller 0.600″ diameter

Weights not included