4MM MicroLite™ Nock [Deep…


4MM MicroLite™ Nock [Deep Six Nocks]


Deep Six Nock Dozen Bag

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Easton’s Proven Deep Six Nocks Now Available in Target Colors for Compound Competition

Superb durability and accuracy for higher-energy compound target setups

Easton’s Deep Six Nocks feature a compound-compatible large throat design, stiffer, shorter configuration, and extreme durability as well as unmatched precision.  As a result, for a decade now Deep Six nocks have been well known as a component contributing to discerning bowhunters’ achievement of tack-driving accuracy with Easton 4mm shafts.

“In the know” target shooters looking for maximum nock durability have also long known that Easton’s Deep Six nock was a great performance choice in either 4mm or UNI bushing equipped Easton target shafts, but until now, Deep Six nocks were only available in two relatively stealthy colors- deep red, and dark blue.

Easton Archery Deep Six Nocks

With the addition of new Emerald Green, Lemon-Lime, and Orange to the lineup for 2018, all shooters now have high visibility choices for Deep Six, bringing the proven design to the forefront of target archery nock selection, and affording bowhunters more color choices.

Easton Archery-New Deep Six Colors



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