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FMJ Arrow Construction

FMJ Arrow Construction – How FMJ Arrows Are Made

The Full Metal Jacket or FMJ is bowhunting flagship arrow sitting at the pinnacle of effectiveness for taking down big game. Full Metal Jacket is a technologically advanced shaft produced in Easton’s Utah facility designed from the ground up to add penetration, shoot with more accuracy, to kill cleanly and quickly. The FMJ starts with a high-strength, lightweight carbon foundation built with Easton seamless Acu-carbon process in the Utah factory. Acu-carbon is a unique process developed by Easton using carbon fiber combined with high-strength aerospace resin. The result is a uniform shaft with the most consistent spine and weight giving bowhunters the utmost in accurate shooting. Specifically engineered aluminum jackets are made in Easton’s tube mill and then permanently bonded to the carbon core into a single composite shaft. The synergy of the carbon and aluminum materials creates greater ballistic efficiency, higher energy at impact, and added momentum making it the ideal shaft for taking down all types of big game. Power, penetration and precision… the made-in-USA FMJ series—the ideal shaft for archery’s most serious bowhunters.