7 Steps to Make a More Accurate Shot



The past few years I have conducted bow-shooting seminars at the country’s largest sports show in Harrisburg Pennsylvania.  As people watch, I analyze the shooting of hunters from the crowd and make suggestions about how they can improve their bowhunting accuracy.

Even after dozens of these clinics, one thing still surprises me.  Most archers on stage have never thought about how they shoot.  Likewise, when I ask for a show of hands in the audience, the majority of folks do not know how they stand, grip the bow, or do other things so important to hunting bow accuracy.  Most bowhunters know enough to purchase top-notch arrows from Easton, but they commonly overlook other important shooting factors.

Bowhunter Basecamp - Better Accuracy
Bowhunter Basecamp – Better Accuracy

Even with inherently accurate arrows, you will be a much better shot if you practice the seven steps of good archery.  You’ll never shoot well if you don’t think about how you do it.

Step 1

First, stand with your feet 12 to 18 inches apart and your toes pointing slightly toward the target.  By facing the target in an “open stance,” you will reduce the chance of hitting your chest or bow arm with the string.  String impact with clothes is an accuracy no-no.

Step 2

Second, point your bow at the target before you draw, and then pull the string straight back to your face.  Don’t aim at the ground or sky as you draw.

Step 3

Third, anchor (press) your string hand solidly to the side of your face.  A bowstring peep helps to establish a consistent and accurate anchor.

Step 4

Fourth, be sure you hold the bow in a loose, relaxed hand throughout the shot.  Your bow fingers should lightly touch at the front.  If you grab or squeeze the bow, accuracy will suffer.

Step 5

Fifth, aim by smoothly moving your sights on target.  Most archers come up on target from below, but some come down or from one side.  The important thing is doing it the same every time.

Step 6

Sixth, release the bowstring smoothly.  If you pluck the string with your fingers or punch your release button, you will not shoot well.  Gently squeeze off the shot and let your string hand slide backwards along your face.  Do not flip your hand away from your face.

Step 7

Finally, you should follow through the shot by continuing to aim until the arrow actually hits.  The bow will recoil off target, but not before the arrow is on its way.  If you drop or flip your bow as you release, arrows will scatter badly.

Think about how you shoot and practice the proper moves.  You will hit more targets and bag more game.

– Chuck Adams