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Limited Edition FMJ Autumn Orange

In 2022, Easton Archery will celebrate a century of American archery innovation. As a part of this, Easton is releasing a limited-edition production run of the popular 5mm FMJ arrow, featuring a combination of the most advanced arrow technology and a touch of true American bowhunting tradition.

Over three decades from the 70’s to the 90’s, millions of bowhunters went afield shooting the legendary Autumn Orange XX75 arrows from Easton —one of the most iconic arrows in bowhunting history. Now, that nostalgic look is available in the new Limited Edition 5mm FMJ using Easton’s most advanced bowhunting shaft.

FMJ arrows are field proven by bowhunters and provide high kinetic energy at impact. The result is what every bowhunter wants – heavier blood-trails and quicker, cleaner kills. The synergy of construction in the aluminum and carbon materials of the FMJ creates the most precise spine-around-the-shaft in each arrow, ensuring accurate flight and broadhead performance.

Limited Edition FMJ arrows come pre-installed with Easton 5MM (X) Nocks and include 5MM aluminum HIT Inserts are included. Brass HIT and 8-32 half-outs are available separately. Available in a full range of bowhunting spine sizes compatible with today’s high-performance compounds.