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Easton Avance- Do it all, spend less.

Easton’s new Avance and Avance Sport 4MM arrows are Easton’s latest technology for recurve or compound target archers seeking superior performance with an all-carbon shaft.

Avance target arrows fit in the middle of the outdoor target archery arrow price point- but they carry specifications and technology that allow the highest levels of performance. 

What’s the difference?  Avance and Avance Sport share the same carbon construction- but then are sorted by straightness. 


The Avance has a +/- .0025” straightness spec, capable of highest-level performance, and the Avance Sport carries a +/- .005” straightness specification, ideal for archers looking for lightweight performance in a less expensive arrow.

With 16 sizes available from 340 spine all the way down to 2000 spine, there is an Avance shaft to fit any target recurve or compound shooter with a precise tune.


The durable, Made in USA all-carbon construction of the Avance is also lighter than the previous models it replaces, allowing for heavier point weights for superior down range performance at typical competition draw weights, or an overall lighter solution to generate the speed necessary for cadets or intermediates looking for maximum performance at lower draw poundage, making it easier to achieve the competition distance.  

It’s also a great solution for field shooters looking for sheer speed and forgiveness in unmarked distance competition.

Avance performance goes beyond weight and straightness as well by leveraging Easton’s exclusive Acu-Carbon technology.  Avance arrows are superior to competitor offerings from shaft to shaft, with both spine and weight tolerances being extremely consistent from arrow to arrow in the Avance lineup.  

Importantly, spine around the shaft is also tightly controlled with the seamless Acu-carbon process, which eliminates the number one cause of inconsistency with competitor shafts.  As a result, Avance shafts have less need for spine indexing to achieve optimal grouping.


Avance shafts have a full range of components, and are compatible with Easton’s line of precision 4mm stainless steel ML points, and both Easton PIN and 4mm insert nock systems.

Although designed and priced for the novice to intermediate level archer, Avance is capable of expert level performance. For more information on Easton’s world beating target archery products, visit or visit your authorized Easton dealer.