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PROCOMP – Affordable, High-Performance Compound Target Arrow

Bradden Gellenthien
Bradden Gellenthien


Shooters looking for world class performance that won’t break the budget now have a better choice- the world-competition proven Easton PROCOMP is shipping now, worldwide.

Thoroughly tested and podium proven at the highest levels by competitors like World Champions Steve Anderson and Braden Gellenthein, PROCOMP uses Easton’s superior high-modulus carbon A/C construction to create a tough, durable competition arrow with incredibly tight spine and weight tolerances.

With an optimal spine to weight ratio, premium components, and enhanced FOC balance, there’s no need to compromise. PROCOMP makes it possible to get world class performance at a price that’s well in reach.

PROCOMP shafts come in seven sizes, from 300 to 570 spines, accommodating every competitive compound archer, and are compatible with affordable Easton Carbon One, ACG, and ACE point systems covering 60-120 grains of weight spread.

Available now at your authorized Easton dealer.