Easton Archery - Triumph Arrow


In its effort to constantly push the performance envelope for accuracy, Easton has developed the first series of World Archery compliant, maximum-diameter carbon shafts for indoor competitors.  The new Easton Triumph is the first series of all carbon shafts with every arrow in the series at the maximum 9.3 mm diameter across the range.

The new Easton Triumph comes in four spine sizes, 350, 400, 450 and 500.

In addition, every Triumph uses the same points- no separate points are needed for each size.  There are five point weights from 100 to 200 grains with 25 grain increments.  Triumphs accept size-specific pin nock adapters or UNI bushes.

The key to the performance of the Triumph goes beyond the usual tight Easton spine and weight tolerances- each Triumph features a proprietary internal alloy armor component designed to add FOC balance, and reinforce the point end of the shaft from the crushing forces of materials such as fresh Stramit.

The Triumph design calls for all cutting to be done from the back portion of the shaft, to maintain the full effect of the armour system.

The unique aspect of the new Triumph, with every spine size at the full, maximum 9.3 mm World Archery allowed diameter, enhances the potential to catch lines in case of a less than perfect shot.  This feature makes Triumph the most advanced indoor shaft yet developed.

Triumph arrow shafts should be available from your favorite authorized Easton archery retailer in the next couple of weeks.