SuperDrive 23 Adjustable Point System


SuperDrive 23 Adjustable Point System




SuperDrive 23 Adjustable Point:

Specifically designed for the SuperDrive 23, this hardened steel, 90 grain point is adjustable from 90 to up to 200 grains by using the SuperDrive 23 Adjustable Point Weight Kit (Sold Separately)

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SuperDrive 23 Adjustable Point Weight Kit:

Works with SuperDrive 23 Adjustable Points by allowing you to adjust your point weight to 90, 100, 115, 130, 150, 165, 180 and 200 grains by using your desired weight screw, which come in various lengths from 10 – 60 grains, and the Stainless Steel Weight Cap (50 grains).

Weight Kit Includes
(12) 60 gr. weight screws
(12) 40 gr. weight screws
(12) 25 gr. weight screws
(12) 10 gr. weight screws
(12) 50 gr. weight caps


SuperDrive 23 Adjustable Wrench: 

Wrench is adjustable to the length of your arrow so you can remove or adjust the Super Drive 23 point weight, without having to remove the point.


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Adjustable Point, Weight Kit, Adjustable Point Wrench Tool

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