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Easton Archery - Improve Target Accuracy

The biggest thing I do to get prepared mentally is practice. I’m sure that sounds to simple, but the confidence you can get when you are shooting good in practice is the best thing I have ever found to help the mental part of my game. So I practice everyday and score every arrow. Knowing what kind of scores and how good or bad I’m shooting helps me. Then I can work on me and my equipment to help get me to the scores I need to win. Once I have done that. Then I can just go and show people how I have been shooting at home. I love to tell people to watch the movie Hoosiers. Because when the coach measures the court and the hoop and it show them all that it’s the same as there home court. This always reminds me that the target is the same size and distance at all the events. This helps me not be blown away by my surroundings, and just shoot the scores I have in practice. This is the steps I take to help me mentally be ready for any event I shoot in. It has helped me and I hope it can help you.

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