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Easton Archery - Stabilizer Quick Connect System

Easton’s 2015 stabilizer line has introduced innovative new accessories to enhance function and convenience.  Our new quick-detach adaptors are constructed from high-strength 7075 alloy and stainless steel.  The stainless steel barrels feature a Delrin friction stud to prevent unwinding from a stabilizer stud when unattached, and the system comes in both straight and a 10-degree offset (normally used as a drop angle for a compound front rod).  ATA standard 5/16-24 high strength bolts are another system feature.

This premium quality QD mount is also great for recurve shooters- I have one mounted as the base of my Contour system allowing the entire stabilizer system to be dismounted from my 2015 Hoyt Prodigy recurve with a 1/4 turn.  Very convenient.


The new Easton quick-detach mounts are shipping now and will be available from your favorite authorized Easton dealer this month.

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