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Easton Archery - Autumn Orange Arrow

Easton 6MM FMJ™ Arrows in Retro XX75 Autumn Orange

Arm Yourself with the Deadly Penetration of Full Metal Jacket—Join Team FMJ Today!

Salt Lake City – Hunters that started out shooting the XX75 will remember the Autumn Orange arrows from Easton—a mainstay in quivers from the 1970’s until the late 90’s. For a limited time, Easton’s Utah factory will produce the FMJ in the same Autumn Orange finish remembered by countless bowhunters.

The limited edition FMJ shafts will use the same construction as the other full metal jacket arrows—an aluminum jacket over a high-strength carbon core. The 6MM has a reduced diameter for more penetration and offers a higher level of broadhead accuracy than a standard carbon arrow. At $79.99 MSRP, the 6MM is priced right where many regular carbon arrows are sold putting the world’s most advanced type of hunting shaft within reach of most bowhunters.

FMJ arrows are field proven to provide bowhunters with higher velocity at impact and more pass-through shots. Full Metal Jacket adds speed and KE downrange to increase striking distance and penetrate deeper into the target. The result is heavier blood-trails and quicker, cleaner kills—field reports are compelling with hunters everywhere reporting quicker, reliable big game recovery.

The FMJ is offered in six models including: 4MM, 5MM, 6MM, Dangerous Game, Crossbow, and Bowfishing. The 6MM retro is available in three spine sizes: 470, 390 and 320.

Other features:

· Pre-installed 6MM (H) Nocks

· 6MM RPS 8-32 inserts

· Reduced-diameter carbon core with 7075 metal jacket

· $79.99 MSRP per half-dozen

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