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Easton Archery - X10 Arrow

Long draw recurve shooters at bow weights over 53 pounds are increasingly being seen on the competition field, and Easton has responded with two new custom sizes of the legendary X10 arrow shaft for this category.

The size 350 and 325 X10 shaft eliminate the need these shooters had for trimming the shaft from the rear to increase dynamic spine sufficiently to properly tune from super-heavy bows.  “The full-tapered rear portion of the X10 is a proven feature we introduced to provide finger shooters with a better clearing, more forgiving arrow shaft.  Now, even the heaviest poundage, longest draw shooters can use the correct size X10 without modifying this important design advantage” said George Tekmitchov, Easton International Technical Manager and Senior Engineer.  “The use of a new carbon fiber and resin system in these new sizes made it possible to add the stiffness while keeping the shaff mass within the proven efficiency envelope of the existing shafts.”

The new 350 is 8.4 grains/inch (nominal) and the new 325 is 8.8 gpi, making both slightly lighter than the 380 spine size, which is at a nominal 8.9 GPI.

X10 shafts have been used to win more Olympic and World medals since their introduction than all other arrows, combined- including every Olympic title starting with the 1996 Olympic Games.  Easton X10 shafts are available from Genuine Easton Dealers worldwide.

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