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X10 Parallel Pro Tuning Tips

X10 Parallel Pro Tuning Tips

X10 Parallel Pro Tuning Tips

With the introduction of the ultra-high quality X10 Parallel Pro to the Easton X10 series of arrow shafts, Easton has provided every archer with a straightforward, easy-tuning solution for every archery challenge- at a highly affordable price. A combination of medium mass, high ballistic efficiency, and compatibility with Easton’s full lineup of 4MM shaft components gives Parallel Pro shafts the ability to serve in any archery application, including recurve, barebow, compound, field archery and even bowhunting.

The X10 Five Point Straightness process goes far beyond industry standards, while Easton’s exclusive weight coding ensures half-grain tolerances- and Easton’s X10 processes also ensure the industry’s tightest possible spine tolerances, not only from shaft to shaft, but 360º around each shaft- eliminating the need for spine alignment.

All X10 series shafts feature a cold-drawn, precision Easton aerospace alloy core, bonded under tension to the high-modulus carbon fiber shell, producing a synergistic structure with superior toughness, incredible precision and superior strength versus all-carbon designs. This feature also makes X10 series shafts easy to retrieve from multi-use club fields where the use of a detectable arrow shaft is mandated.


As a parallel design shaft, and with lower mass weight, the X10 Parallel Pro tunes stiffer, dynamically, than the barreled 3.2mm Easton X10 arrow- so, when selecting a Parallel Pro, the rule of thumb for recurve and barebow is to go up to two sizes weaker than the equivalent X10 barreled shaft. Compounds can work with a wider variety of spines and generally are well-served by the stiffer selection, all other factors being equal.

This radar map shows the relative performance, price and applications for both the Easton X10, and the X10 Parallel Pro.

Parallel Pro Features Chart Graphics
X10 characteristics are shown in blue, while X10 Parallel Pro characteristics are shown in green.