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100 Years Of Easton- The War Years

Doug Easton developed aluminum arrows in the 1930’s, and by 1940, they were rapidly adopted by top archers across the globe.

But with the entry of the USA into World War II,  the production of aluminum arrows was suspended.  Aluminum was a critical strategic material in the conduct of the military effort.

Doug Easton turned his talents to making these elegant cedar wood and leather map cases for Allied fighter pilots.

Wood was the specified material, because if a pilot had to bail out or crash-land, he could more easily burn the contents of the box- which sometimes included secret orders.

He, his children Jim and Bob, and wife Mary,  produced thousands of these, from 1942 through 1945.

Arrow production resumed after 1946, but Easton continued to make products for the US military, from radiation dosimeters in every 1950’s Civil Defense kit, to tent tubing for the US Marine Corps today.

Proudly Made in USA- in 1922, 1942, and today.