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3915 Easton Bowcase

Pay For Hunting Tags, Not Luggage

Easton travel rollers hold your bows and your gear, eliminating the need for an extra bow case when traveling. As a result, the Deluxe 3915 and 3615 Compound/Recurve Roller Bow Cases protect as well as a hard case.  Additionally, the cases are airline size-compliant while offering plenty of room for clothing and accessories needed by the traveling archer. 

Made of a hybrid soft/hard shell for 360-degree content protection. On the exterior, the 3915 & 3615 offer easy toting with triple field-replaceable roller bearing wheels.  While the interior features a double seatbelt system to securely anchor bows and three internal pockets keep items organized. The Deluxe Compound/Recurve Roller Bow Cases come in two sizes: 36”L x 15 “W x 9” H, and 39”L x 15”W x 9”H to accommodate different sized bows. For a limited time get 30% off the 3915 and 3615 bow cases.