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Easton Arrows Hyperspeed

3D Target Arrows – Hyperspeed and Hyperspeed Pro

New Hyperspeed and Hyperspeed Pro arrows are all-around performers for target, 3D, and hunting. The Hyperspeed arrows are ultra lightweight 6.5MM shafts combine all-out speed with the unmatched accuracy of Easton’s Made-in-USA Carbon Arrow technology. The Hyperspeed is available in the most popular performance spine sizes ranging from 300 to 500. The Hyperspeed Pro version is offered in a precision, one-thousandth tolerance straightness and is available only through storefront, full service authorized Easton dealers.

Sizes: 500, 400, 340, & 300

Straightness: ±.003” (Pro ±.001”)

Includes Pre-installed MicroLite Nocks & RPS Inserts

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