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Easton Bowfishing Arrows FMJ

Spot and Stock Bowfishing – Easton Arrows

Thanks to Isaac Aleman for the bowfishing video!

Public land bow fishing in Utah lake for Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio). According to the Utah DWR Common Carp are a nuisance fish. They are not protected wildlife, and there is no limit on how many you can keep. We use them for bait when fishing at Utah Lake for Channel Catfish, White Bass, or Walleye and we also use them for Fertilizer.

~ Archery set up ~ Bow 1. Hoyt compound Trykon Jr. Bow 2. Hoyt recurve Dorado

~ Arrow ~ Easton FMJ (Full metal jacket) bow fishing arrow Highly advanced dual-material construction makes Full Metal Jacket different than all other bow fishing arrows.

Specs • Mayhem double-barbed steel point with patent-pending heat-treated Cyclone® tip • Dual material construction – full metal jacketed fiberglass • Shaft-rotate barb Easton FMJ Bowfishing