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Easton Axis Traditional —The Original Micro Stick-Bow Arrow

Doug Easton began his archery company in 1922. His enterprise started out with him in his workshop making handcrafted wood arrows and longbows one at a time. The arrows featured Doug’s own signature cresting applied to the finest hand-selected cedar shafting he could find.  “It’s only natural we tap into our history and offer the premier arrow for traditional archery” stated Gary Cornum, Easton Marketing Manager.

Indeed, Easton’s woodgrain Axis is a nod to Doug’s meticulous commitment to crafting the finest traditional equipment available in that era. In addition to the retro look, the Axis Traditional has a long list of performance features as well. Stick-bow shooters will appreciate a micro-diameter shaft that adds hunting penetration by reducing friction through hide and bone. But what sets the Axis Traditional apart the most is the classic woodgrain look of the made-in-USA carbon shafting. “We really wanted to make the Axis Traditional something special by tapping into our 95-year legacy,” Cornum continued. “We took some of Doug’s 1920’s-era wood arrows—borrowing from his original cresting colors—and used them to inspire the design for the Axis banding.”

The made-in-USA Axis Traditional comes with bone color nocks and aluminum inserts included. Available brass inserts will add weight upfront for archers looking to boost FOC.

Axis Traditional is available today at Easton dealers nationwide. To view Easton’s complete line of traditional arrows, see your local dealer and visit