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Easton Archery - Standard Broadheads in Deep Six arrows

Shoot Standard Broadheads in Deep Six Arrows

Want to shoot standard broadheads in Deep Six arrows? Now you can!

More broadhead options for 4MM micro diameter shafts.

Easton has developed a new, super-strong titanium half-out system that solves the desire of bowhunters who want to use regular 8-32 broad heads in micro diameter arrows – Easton Deep Six 4MM shafts like the 4MM Full Metal Jacket.


Features of the new Easton Titanium Half-Out include:


  • Precision machined from TI–6 series high-strength titanium for high strength-to-weight ratio, providing a better tune with your preferred arrow shaft than overly heavy steel half-outs, and superior durability over aluminum half-outs
  • Features Easton’s HP high-precision alignment technology for unsurpassed broadhead alignment and concentricity
  • Easy installation without the need for tools—Easton HIT epoxy recommended for best performance and highest strength

(HIT epoxy pack is already included with every dozen Easton 4mm shaft model)

  • Mass weight: 55 grains. Length 0.940” length outside the shaft. Shank length inside arrow is 1.20”, and includes the Easton HP (high-precision) alignment feature
  • Made in USA


Shoot standard broadheads with 4MM micro diameter arrow shafts.

The new Easton Titanium Half-out will be available from Easton dealers starting in February 2018.


Casey from MTN OPS compares the Easton Archery Titanium Half out to a competitor Half Out.



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