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High Penetration 5mm & 6 mm Carbon Arrows

Since their introduction in 2004, Axis arrows have emerged as the go-to for bowhunters looking to increase penetration to take down big game. Although Axis utilizes state-of-the-art carbon for increased durability and speed, most of the hunting-camp talk centers on their ability to out penetrate regular arrows.

So how do they do it? The Axis micro profile focuses the kinetic energy into an ultra-small frontal area for less friction and thus greater penetration. “It penetrates deeper as the shaft passes through with less friction behind the broadhead channel” said Gary Cornum, Marketing Manager for Easton. “Millions of successful hunts testify to the awesome effectiveness of a simple concept that equates to more downed big game—it’s like magnum ammunition for your bow” Cornum said. The small diameter also means that Axis arrows fly much better in crosswinds than regular carbon arrows. That means broadheads will find the aim-point more often in the field. Axis is widely distributed across the nation and is found in virtually every pro shop. Micro Axis arrows come in 5MM diameter and the NEW 6MM Under Armour®.

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