Easton’s Metric Hunting Arrow Sizing- making a great thing… simpler.

Back in the 90’s, when Easton developed what became the world standard for carbon hunting arrow diameter, we created the “S-Diameter” nomenclature to describe all shafts capable of accepting our popular Super Nock.  Originally the size was described as “S” for Super, and later it became popular to refer to it as “Standard”.  Pretty easy, and straightforward.  But as time marched on, and we kept pushing the limits of smaller and smaller diameters and higher penetration performance with products like our Injexion series shafts, the proliferation of new nomenclatures, like X, H, and G, became a little confusing for shooters and dealers alike.

Now, we have deployed a new nomenclature on all hunting arrow sizes to make it easier to determine which components go with which arrows.  It’s important to note, that the actual sizes haven’t changed- and the old letter references remain-but we’ve added a metric number to make it much easier to understand the relative diameter.

Keyed off the internal diameter of the shaft, our new metric sizing will appear on all Easton and Beman hunting shafts starting now and will be added to all hunting models throughout the 2016 season.

S (Standard)= 6.5 MM

H (Reduced)= 6 MM

X (Micro) = 5 MM

G (Ultra-Micro)= 4 MM