Easton Archery - New Countour Stabilizer


Easton’s hot new series of stabilizers for 2015 are grabbing the attention of top shooters after the new Easton products for 2015 were announced a couple of weeks ago- for example, the world’s top archer, OH, Jinhyek, is using a prototype set of Contours- and we want to get you the latest information on the new lineup.

First a little history.  Stabilizers, as we know them on modern bows, date to the early 1960’s, and were orginally patented by Earl Hoyt, Jr.

Before stabilizers were attached to bows, it was common for bowyers to build up extra-heavy risers using exotic woods or incorporating metallic inlays to create more mass and stability.  Earl Hoyt created the first attachable (and removable) stabilizers, which attached to the top and bottom of the riser, protruding toward the target.  Later, in the mid ‘60’s a center stabilizer was added, using Easton’s tubular stabilizers.  (Back then, FITA rules dictated that the total length of stabilization on one’s bow could not exceed the total length of the archer’s arrow- much less than what we have today.).  This configuration quickly became dominant.

In the mid 1970’s, Easton developed the world’s first carbon stabilizers.  Incorporating ultra stiff carbon and boron fibers, these high-performance stabilizers were coveted by top shooters for their enhanced aiming characteristics.  There were about as stiff as the stiffest stabilizers available today, but a bit heavier (due to the use of boron fiber combined with carbon fiber).  In 1988, Easton developed the first A/C stabilizer, a very light and stiff tapered design.  The following year we released the parallel A/C/E stabilizer system, a high-resonance, super lightweight design, which has been successfully used by competition archers for the past 25 years.

After several years of R&D, Easton has now released an entirely new series of stabilizers for 2015.  The new Contour features advanced Tri-Mod all-carbon construction, an Easton innovation that produces unmatched stability at full draw and during arrow launch, while naturally absorbing vibration and excess energy after the shot.  The incredibly stiff and small-diameter front portion of the Contour stabilizer also presents 65% less surface area for greatly enhanced aiming stability in windy conditions, without the need for indexing the stabilizer to a particular orientation.

Using a complex carbon layup with three distinct stiffness zones, Contour provides a great feel on the shot without need for rubber dampers or other vibration management add-ons (though these can certainly be used if desired).  It’s also among the lightest stabilizers in its stiffness class.

Contour front and side rods feature total compatibility with legacy Easton Vari-Weight ¼”-20 weights, or the all-new 5/16”-24 Flat Vari-Weight system, with the use of an included, pre-installed converter stud.  To use the 5/16-24 type weights, you simply remove the stud and either reverse it (for a single or 4 ounce weight stack) or install the longer 5/16-24 stud included with weight stacks in other configurations.

Contour is a total system of long rods, side rods and extenders in various lengths.  The new Contour extender is one of the stiffest extenders ever made by Easton, and features high-strength internal ferrules for total reliability.  It is available in lengths up to 6”.

The optional Contour V-Bar bolt allows a sleek, nested interface with the Easton variable or fixed V-bar and many other aftermarket v-bars.  New, optional Easton QD quick-disconnects add to the convenience and versatility of the system.  The new QD’s are constructed to high strenght XX75 aluminum with stainless steel locking barrels.

All of the length and weight specs for the new Contour system are on line here, and Contour system products will be available from your authorized Easton dealer starting in December.