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Easton Deep Six Arrows

ULTRA-Micro 4MM Arrows & Broadheads

If you’ve been around bowhunting for even a few years, then no doubt you’ve heard about the Deep Six arrow/broadhead standard. Just a few short years ago, the introduction of Deep Six broadheads made for a pivotal change in arrows intended for big game. Tournament shooters had enjoyed the benefits of ultra-micro shafts for decades— with more downrange velocity and minimal wind-drift. Bowhunters were left wanting because, in the past, a 4MM arrow shaft was just too small to accept the 8-32 thread standard of broadheads. Bowhunters had even more to gain than the target shooter because they could realize additional big game penetration offered by the friction reduction of the super small shaft.

Then, the new ultra-micro 6-40 “Deep Six” thread standard was introduced, opening up performance levels to hunters that were previously the exclusive territory of tournament archers. This offered hunters the ultimate in friction reduction for higher velocity downrange and more penetration passing through the target. With a more lethal system now available to hunters, Deep Six arrows and broadheads are showing their worth in the field. The results have proven so effective that more companies are introducing 4MM arrows and Deep Six broadheads designed for the new micro standard. Ultra-micro diameter 4MM FMJ and Carbon Injexion arrows are a prime example of the Deep Six technology in action. For the hunting archer, Deep Six broadhead-tipped 4MM arrows provide more penetration by concentrating the mass of the arrow into a smaller column. Bowhunters using Deep Six are regularly reporting complete pass-throughs, improved blood trails, and quicker game recovery. If you haven’t seen the new Deep Six products, visit any qualified pro shop or go online to