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If you have been an archer or bowhunter for a long time, then you have more than likely experienced target panic. This is one of the most frustrating events that can happen to an archery, but you have to learn how to deal with it. In fact, yours truly went through it for about a year and a half back in the early 90s.

So, just what is the best way to deal with target panic? It’s simply mind over matter. Most folks get target panic when they begin flinching when shooting, so they hold up under the target so they don’t flinch when the pin hits the dot. What I recommend to do in the beginning is to shoot a lot of arrows at close yardage, say 5 yards, and put a piece of tape over your sights so that you just work on execution. Then practice aiming without shooting so that you see the perfect sight picture every time. Do these two things separate for several weeks or more. Re-training your brain and muscle memory, then try just a few shots normal to see how things are going and always use the practice routine to keep you sharp on your shot.

Don’t try and rush this process. Overcoming target panic takes time and should be something you take very seriously, but always keep in mind that even the best archers and hunters go through it.