Easton Archery - X7 Arrows


In what may well be the most enduring, most successful single product yet produced for any sport, Easton’s legendary X7 arrow shaft is fifty years old this year.

The first ever hard-coat anodized aluminum arrow, the X7 was developed by Doug and Jim Easton in 1964 and nearly instantly became the #1 choice of target archers worldwide.  Reaching unprecedented- and still unmatched- levels of strength, spine consistency, and straightness, the still-secret processes used to make the X7 were the ultimate expression of metal arrow technology.

X7 shafts were the only arrows chosen by the archers leading the return of our sport to the Olympic Games, sweeping every Olympic medal in 1972, 1976, and 1980 before introduction of the first Easton A/C arrows in 1983.  Without a doubt, X7 shafts have been used to win more indoor tournaments than any other arrow shaft.  X7’s have also featured in popular films of late- the Avengers, Avengers 2, Hunger Games and Hunger Games 2 & 3 all have or will feature X7 shafts in the hands of plot protoganists.

Easton’s latest take on the X7- the X2 series- swept the major indoor events of the 2013-14 season worldwide and taking another world championship, maintaining the dominance of what may be the most successful single archery product in history winning more than 200 World Championship titles and dozens of Olympic medals.

“The X7’s fiftieth anniversary is a great testament to the innovtive creativity of my grandfather and father.  It’s really gratifying to continue making the world’s most accurate arrow shafts here in the USA, using the same processes and techniques that the Easton family developed over decades of effort, while continuing to push the boundaries of the most advanced composites and technologies today” said Greg Easton, President of Jas. D. Easton, Inc.

When it comes to the ultimate in accuracy, nothing beats the spine, weight and straightness consistency of Easton’s legendary X7- even after fifty years.

Happy golden anniversary!



Photo:  Ryan TYACK (AUS) wins the 2014 World Indoor Championship with the X7 X23 series shaft in Nimes, France (credit:  Dean ALBERGA,