Easton Archery - Compound


Last season, Korea’s women made their mark in a whole new segment of our sport- compound archery.  The momentum they started with last season- including winning the women’s individual and team round in Shanghai last year, and winning the Asian Championship in 2013,  has carried through to their first appearance of the season outside Korea, at the just-concluded World Cup stage in Shanghai, which they underscored with the individual victory from CHOI Bo Min and bronze medal performance for their team.

Every Korean team archer- compound or recurve- uses Easton X10 series arrows, with X10’s used by the recurve shooters (and all of the women’s compound archers, along with one man) and X10 ProTours used by the rest of the compound men’s team.  All of the Korean compund shotoers, men and women, are also following the lead of the top Korean recurve men, choosing to shoot Hoyt bows.

CHOI Bo-min, the 2014 winner in Shanghai, uses the Hoyt ProComp Elite with XT2000 limbs and the #3  GTX Cam & 1/2 cam system. Her draw length is 27.5” and she shoots the bow at 50# draw.  She uses an X10 550 with 110 grain Easton Tungsten points and the X10 PIN Nock, fletched with Easton size 200 TiteFlight Vanes.

Her teammate SEOK Ji-hyun, winner in Shanghai last year, shoots a Pro Comp Elite FX with the XT2000 limbs and the #4 GTX cams at a draw of 26.5”, set around 48#.  Her arrow is the X10 500 with a 120 grain Easton Tungsten point, X10 PIN nock, and Easton TiteFlight 200 vanes.

YOUN So-jung, the third teammate who took the gold in Shanghai’s team round last year (and bronze this year) shoots a Hoyt Pro Edge Elite with the Z5 cam in size #1 at a 27” draw at about 45#.  She shoots the X10 500 with a 120 grain Easton Tungsten point, Easton size 200 TiteFlight vanes and the X10 PIN nock,

KIM Youn-hee, the Shanghai Mixed team champion, shoots the Hoyt Pro Comp Elite with the XT2000 limbs, GTX #1 size cam, and has a draw length of 26” at about 48#. Her X10 700’s have a 120 grain Easton Tungsten point, X120 PIN nocks and size 200 Easton TiteFlight vanes.