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Easton Archery - World Cup Antalya

With close to 600 participants now registered, the Antalya, Turkey stage of the Archery World Cup has proven to be the most popular- and therefore, the hardest to win- with its proximity to the global crossroads of east and west.  Nearly every World Cup and Olympic contender team has a delegation slated for this crown jewel venue of the World Cup, with its iconic sunny beaches, bright blue skies, and top shelf hospitality from the expert Turkish archery event volunteers.

With the Asian Games later this year, Asian powerhouses Korea and Japan have run contenders to the top of the recurve ranking for the World Cup.  However, traditional powerhouse India has struggled this season, and Antalya may present the subcontinental team with its first total shutout ever for a World Cup Final.

The upcoming Youth Olympics also means a larger than normal turnout for Antalya, which will give junior shooters a real experience boost on their way to Nanjing.

While the compounds have seen the re-ascention of Korea in the women’s ranks, alog with strong efforts from old favorites.

Team Easton will be in Antalya all next week for this benchmark event, which has to potential to decide at least several finalists for the World Cup Grand Final later in the season.

Competition at the third 2014 Archery World Cup stage in Antalya starts on Wednesday 11 June. Check event news, and visit World Archery’s Facebook page, Easton’s Faceboon page, @eastontarget and @worldarchery on Twitter for coverage.

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