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Easton Archery - Teams take to the field in World Cup

Here in Antalya today, the day dawned to a hard sun with no clouds, a bit of humidity and temps headed in to the upper 90’s (high 30c’s).  The sun is so strong that an unprotected person can be burnt in less than 10 minutes, and hydration becomes an important factor for performance.  Fortunately the experienced Turkish hosts have provided plenty of shade for the athletes.

The compound team rounds, like all other compound rounds, will be shot at 50M on a target with an 8 cm 10-ring.  Recurves shoot sets at 70M on the standard 122-cm Olympic target.  First team to reach 5 set points wins.

The winds are less of a factor today than yesterday when the compound shooters faced a tough battle with the elements.

Team practice is just underway- more later.

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