Superdrive 27

Easton Arrow Superdrive 27

About The Product

 SuperDrive 27 features largest-class diameter for line-catching performance in NFAA Indoor and 3D competition.  Tough, reliable, Easton engineered multilayer construction for world-class shooters needing durable carbon accuracy.

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• High-performance, light-mass, high-strength all-carbon shaft using proven Superdrive construction

• Ideal for ASA–3D, IBO–3D, and NFAA–3D as well as NFAA indoor competition




Once -piece PointUni-Bushing-Superdrive-300x300

G Uni BushingSuper-Uni-Bushings-300x300Super Uni Bushing

Easton Superdrive 27 G Nock

G Nock


S Nock


Easton Target Archery - Easton Superdrive 27

Superdrive 27 Specifications Superdrive 27 Pro Superdrive 27
Spine 270 270
Length (REF) 32.125 32.125
Weight at Nominal Length 289 Grains (reference) 289 Grains (reference)
GPI 9.0 GPI 9.0 GPI
Straightness (Inches, TIR) 0.002 0.005
Point Weights 100/200/250 100/200/250
Nock Bushing G UNI or Super UNI G UNI or Super UNI
Outside Diameter (Inches) 27/64 27/64

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