Easton Target Stabilizer

Halcyon Stabilizer

The smallest diameter carbon stabilizer ever from Easton. Halcyon™ features 360º Windcutter™ technology for the steadiest possible hold.
Easton - Halcyon Stabilizer

Engineered and proven or both compound and recurve competition at the highest levels.

The new Halcyon system features the greatest stiffness-to-diameter performance in the 40-year history of Easton carbon stabilization systems. With a wind-beating 14.7-millimeter diameter, light mass weight and extreme stiffness, Halcyon™ provides an ideal aiming solution for both compound and recurve competitors.


Halcyon Stabilizer27″30″33″12″15″
Mass (Ounces)4.44.7533.4
Mass (Grams)125.513314088.396.6



Compatible with both 1/4-20 and 5/16-24 weight systems, Halcyon represents the pinnacle of technology for the serious competitor.

Every Halcyon rod comes packaged with a 1/4-20 to 5/16-24 weight adapter allowing use with any Easton stabilizer weight, and a convenient storage sleeve.

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