Elite Nock & D-Loop Pliers


Elite Nock & D-Loop Pliers


Elite Nock & D-Loop Pliers

• Convenient and versatile archery tool
• Patent-pending dual-jaw design
• Maximizes mechanical advantage for tightest possible D-loops
• Six tools in one

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Instructions for tying a D-Loop rope:

Step 1. Tie and burn the first half of the loop, grip the tag end of the D-Loop cord in the specially designed separated jaw. This jaw will grip the cord tightly without damaging the cord unlike conventional pliers.

Tying D - Loop with D-Loop Pliers Step 1
Tying a D-Loop Step 1


Step 2. While maintaining a grip on the cord, wrap the D-Loop cord around the bottom jaw, then up and around the vertical leverage cleat. Then simply pull away from the bow to tighten the first knot.

Tying D - Loop with D-Loop Pliers Step 2
Tying a D-Loop Step 2


Step 3. Size and tie the loop, then burn the second knot. The final stretch is performed by placing the side jaw between the serving and the D-Loop cord. Squeeze the handles as needed to separate the jaw and stretch the cord. Once tightened, the D-Loop cannot easily be adjusted, so be careful not to over-tighten the cord.

Tying D - Loop with D-Loop Pliers Step 3
Tying a D-Loop Step 3


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