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Thank you for your interest in Easton. As the industry leader Easton is committed to supporting the industry members, individuals, and groups that are making an impact on the future of our sport. In order to offer equal opportunity to all of the deserving applicants and to manage the immense number of requests, all applications must be submitted online. We do our best to spread our resources in an effective and opportune manor. Each request is considered individually and against a set of established criteria. In an additional effort to assist as many groups as possible Easton has established programs that allow qualifying groups to obtain arrows and supplies at discounted rates. If your event or group qualifies for these programs you will be sent the related information. Please note that a new request must be submitted for each reoccurring event. Requests must be made a minimum or six weeks in advance in order to be considered and to arrange the proper allocation.
Easton Archery

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