6MM Autumn Orange FMJ – Limited Edition – Discontinued

Size Shaft Weight
Spine @ 28″ Span
Deflection in inches
Stock Length
RPS Point
O.D. Inches
Broadhead Adapter Ring (5 grains)O.D.
ST Insert
4708.80.470319/32BAR 60.277#2
3909.70.39031.59/32BAR 70.281#2
32010.60.320329/32BAR 70.287#2

Easton FMJ 6MM – Autumn Orange Retro Limited Edition

NEW—for a limited time get the awesome retro look of the classic Easton XX75 Autumn Orange in the state-of-the-art FULL METAL JACKET arrow.


Reduced-diameter 6MM Full Metal Jacket arrows offer maximum penetration for bowhunting. 7075 aerospace aluminum adds kinetic energy and provides a high level of precision for superior broadhead accuracy. The aluminum jacket makes pulling shafts from targets easier than carbon-surfaced arrows.

Lower friction and aluminum/carbon composition combine for pass-through impacts and easier to follow blood trails on the world’s toughest big game.

  • Reduced 6MM (H) diameter thick-wall carbon-fiber core with 7075 aluminum metal jacket
  • Provides superior kinetic energy, deeper penetration, and more durability
  • Factory straight, weight & spine matched
  • Includes 6MM (H) ST RPS 8-32 insert and pre-installed 6MM (H) nocks
  • Straightness ±.003




• 6MM reduced-diameter carbon core with 7075 alloy metal jacket
• Pre-installed 6MM (H) nocks
• 6MM (H) ST RPS 8-32 inserts
• Easy target pull
• Straightness: ±.003”

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