Superdrive 19

SizeShaft WeightSpine @ 28″ SpanStock LengthG UNI BushingPin Nock AdapterOne-Piece PointShaft O.D.
GPIDeflectionInchesGrainsGrains GrainsInches

Easton offers NEW all-purpose versatile outdoor target, 3D, and field arrow

New for 2020, Easton has announced the high-velocity Superdrive 19 target arrow.

Made with Easton’s Superdrive carbon construction, the High-velocity Superdrive 19 gives archers a lightweight, smaller diameter arrow choice that is ideally suited for 3D competition where wind could be a factor, as well as field archery and outdoor target archery, making it a great all-purpose outdoor competition arrow. Superdrive 19 features an adjustable stainless steel point system to allow a ­­­shooter to customize the setup from 90 to 200 grains with interchangeable weight modules. The Superdrive 19 is available in three spine variations and suitable for most compound and recurve bow setups. Superdrive 19 joins the Superdrive 23, 25, and 27 shafts to round out the full line of Easton large OD carbon target shafts.

  • Lightweight, all-carbon construction
  • Three spine sizes:
    • 330 – 8.4 GPI
    • 380 – 7.8 GPI
    • 460 – 7.0 GPI
  • Straightness ±.002
  • All-Purpose outdoor competition arrow – Suitable for 3D, Field Archery and Outdoor Target Archery
  • 90 grain base point adjustable up to 200 grains with interchangeable weight screws
  • Bushing or pin nock compatible
Components for the Superdrive 19 Carbon Arrow
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